Swaroopa Education

" For transformation, development, inquest of and all for the love of this land "

Swaroopa Education Awareness Jatha -2018 at Townhall Kochi January 19th-21st

Swaroopa Jatha Programme was staged during Nature Life International Naturopathy Seminar at Townhall Cochin on January 19th, 20th and 21st 2018 in Three Editions in the eveneings.

On January 19th students performed Beatbox forwhich the audience were stunned. On 20th there was Memory Magic programme – Thrayodasha Avadhana by students. On 21st Yakshagana Roopaka “Abhimanyu” was staged. Audience found all three programmes as Innovative. Dr. Jacob Vadakacheri Director of Nature Life International Co-ordinator these programme.






Swaroopa team visited Cochin port, Beach, Marine Drive Beach and Hill palace Museum under the guidance of Mr. Arun Member of Nature Life Organisation. It was wonderfull experience to present our programme and introduce Swaroopa concept to mini India audience.

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