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" For transformation, development, inquest of and all for the love of this land "


We call the present education as ‘Bonsai education’. Why? A mango plant is planted in a small plate, taproot is cut annually (Exam), then replanted. Without providing sufficient water, light and manure we wait for 15 years for the plant to give two fruits. If the same plant is planted in plain it may yield lakhs of fruits every year. In Contrast to this, Swaroopa education is striving for the release of unlimited power, in the students. Another slogan of Swaroopa is ‘Give the right of learning to our hands’-what is it? Students have lost their right completely. Why not everybody is great? Do you give the reason of hereditary, genes, god gift? (Swaroopa’s first child Md. Swaroopa (no.1 IQ is the son of Md. Rafiq, Headmaster of Swaroopa’s first experimental school.

 Present education without creating demand is teaching to forget. 6 textbooks which can be completed in 30 days are taught by usual mug up and write tactic. It is only certificate oriented. Presently India is in 119th place in the utilization of human resources has become a news. In SSLC examination last year 60% of the students participated in mass copy; more than 3 lakhs of students failed. Among those who passed 98% are by-hearted brilliants. Even 95% of the double graduates are in capable of getting recognized by originality. When will be the end for this open truth?

 Some share their fear about Swaroopa without a complete and authentic knowledge of it. Because of this some children have lost the opportunity to flourish inabilities.

Certainly not. It is SSLC certificate from the government board.

Those who accomplish in memory and talent can also achieve more (any rank) in higher education through self-learning.

It is an education for excellence not only in text but also in emotional intelligence. It is a certificate along with 10 talents and good result and real capabilities (Certificate is only for those who fear)

Beyond memory show it is platform for developing confidence and psychic energy. It is a way to develop IQ and EQ

Let the students opt for any one subject out of thousands of achievement and research. Swaroopa will give them guidance and motivation.20 Swaroopa students out of 46 are already in the process of mastering 12 languages along with regular preparation for IAS/IPS.

Gopadkar-Sumadkar couple started Swaroopa Adhyayana Kendra for student teachers of DIET and other teachers of Mangalore in 1993. Conducted educational research in a hamlet Kunjathbail at Swaroopa Vatara for 18 years and a new concept Swaroopa Alternative Composite Education is evolved. Gopadkar based from Adkar in Sullya rendered dynamic service as teacher in Aranthodu and Mangalore, as teacher educator in DIET, Mangalore. He is well known as artist mimicry artist, educational thinker and as creative resource person in 28 subjects like childrens drama, street play etc.

 The experience of conducting more than 1500 children’s camp across the state is the base for research of Swaroopa education. Sumadkar has got 15 years of experience as teacher and lecturer in teachers training Institute.

She is yakshagana artist, writer, interested in music, yoga. She is doing her research in Infant education after her M.A. M.Ed. Her Daughter Aadi (6 years) is in self learning in Swaroopa study center.

Gopadkar Sumadkar Biodata

SWAROOPA’S  SWA-ROOPA Swaroopa  Adhyayana Kendra is an Institution conducting research on the basis of  Swara+Roopa which means  Voice and Expression. It claims  that voice and expression (feeling) is important for Learning. Swaroopa means Self. Artist, Education thinker Mr.Gopadkar is the Director of this Institution. Swaroopa  Adhyayana Kendra without any intention  of Profit – Making, is […]

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