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" For transformation, development, inquest of and all for the love of this land "

Gopadkar Sumadkar Biodata

Gopadkar Sumadkar familySWAROOPA’S  SWA-ROOPA
Swaroopa  Adhyayana Kendra is an Institution conducting research on the basis of  Swara+Roopa which means  Voice and Expression. It claims  that voice and expression (feeling) is important for Learning.
Swaroopa means Self. Artist, Education thinker Mr.Gopadkar is the Director of this Institution. Swaroopa  Adhyayana Kendra without any intention  of Profit – Making, is providing education to hundreds of students who are deprived of opportunities. The teachers of Swaroopa Adhyayana Samooha motivate the Swaroopa Vataara students to involve themselves in learning. Not only for children, but also for teachers and all others who want to achieve, Swaroopa Adhyayana Kendra is a Research place. This Kendra helps the people who have an urge to excel intellectually, mentally, culturally and in literature. Swaroopa Adhyayana Samooha, Swaroopa Vatara, Swaroopa Infant Education system, Swaroopa Alternate Composite Education- are some sections under this Kendra. Swaroopa–For Health, Life, Education – this concept helps a person to enjoy his life and be an achiever. Thousands of Camps for children were conducted by Swaroopa Adhyayana Kendra. Counselling is given to all the people of any age. For students and parents there is a separate Swaroopa Training (on the basis of Voice and Expression)
Ten Master Techniques of memory is a package designed for S.S.L.C students. There is a great demand for Swaroopa Memory Therapy.
Swaroopa Adhyayana Samooha
Swaroopa Adhyayana Samooha was Established at DIET Mangalore (District Institute for Education and Training) by then teacher in DIET, Mr. Gopadkar and his better half Mrs. Sumadkar Lecturer in Teachers Training Institute and with Former student- teachers. This Research centre was started for the teachers to improve self-study ability and the real concern about education and to develop the students and themselves. Samooha has 430 creative teacher’s as members.
Monthly one camp was conducted continuously for 6 years on the subjects necessary for learning and development in teachers by experts. Later they were also given opportunity to study with other children of Swaroopa Vatara. Many Director -camps have been conducted and provided the opportunity to observe and study the children keenly. For the candidates who were selected for Government schools, a Training was given” First impression is the best impression” before joining. How to present themselves for the first time, before students and parents, how to win their hearts , is the pre planning. This pre planning is the solid base for their life and education. All the teachers of Swaroopa, in their schools by more learning and more work, have become the favorite teachers.
The first child of Swaroopa Research School, famous Swaroopa computer Whiz-Kid Mohammed Swaroopa, presented by the Head Master Mohammed Rafiq, Sathyana Koderi who has  worked in drama and literature, Premanath Marne who won  the children through his songs, Ramesh Ulaya who developed his life with new ideologies, Vittala Nayak who made the villagers observe the school, Taranath Savanur who developed himself like stories of Benegarwadi, Umesh Sogilu who motivated the children to come to school running, the one who won the language, Mr. Basavanyappa- these are all the persons who has contributed something new to the Education. Pudu Charan, Kalleshappa, Sudhir Nayak, Sudhakar Shenoy, Poornesh, Ravindra, Belleyappa, Sanjeev, Venkatesh, Bandayya Hoseri, Govindappa- these are some Swaroopa teachers, who by their effective personalities are spreading the dream of Swroopa.
By knowledge, creativity, talent and intimacy, Mr. Goapdkar has been selected as teacher trainer in State Level. In the Government Projects like Kali-Nali, Ranga Shikshana, etc. the trainers are all Swaroopa Teachers. This reflects  Swaroopa’s working efficiency and achievement. Before these projects come in to existence the Swaroopa Teachers had already implemented them un officially in their schools and had become successful and for this the villagers and parents are the eye viewers.
Gopadkar: Gopadkar based from Adkar in Sullia is a B. A Graduate and he is qualified as Diploma in Arts. His father is Mr. Krishna Balyaya and mother Smt. Padmavathi. He has served as Art Teacher at Aranthodu High School in 1983 and in 1991 he was teacher educator at DIET, Car street, Mangalore and at Pilikula Heritage village he has worked as designer. He is a resource person in 31 subjects as Mimicry, Mime, Memory drama, Origami, etc. and by this he has thousands of fans all over the state.
Art: He as a secretary of Art Teachers association has organized District Level and State Level Conferences successfully. He has conducted monthly camps for art Teachers continuously for about 2 ½ years and has created model for the state.
Nail Art: He has drawn more than 12 thousands of national and international persons’ embossed photo in a thick sheet with the help of his nails and has got a lot of appreciation. The presentation of Artist Sanjeev Shetty’s crayon Painting is in the way of Gunniess record by drawing it within 20 seconds. (in 24 hours three thousands of pictures((in 1996-1998). For the first time he has shown successfully that by Thermo Foam Art, crayon, cartoons, wall paintings he has given one man exhibitions. He was one of the organizer of Nirata-Nirantha and worked for establishment of open ground art gallery at Sonangeri.(Bayalu chitralaya)
Mimicry: As a mimicry artist he has given hundreds of programmes all over the country and made lakhs of people laugh. In Radio and T. V also his mimicry programmes are broadcasted. By this he has got a lot of students for mimicry. At a time mimics  2,4 sounds(like Aeroplane+Horse). He imitates more than 75 sounds and voices.
Mime: Gopadkar is a mime artist and started top shows for teachers at Mangalore. He pioneered the mime for college students. With innovative ideas he established a special place for mime in college day functions. For silence act, he gave a classical touch and fabricated exercises  to the mime.
Jadoo: In ‘Vismaya’ magicians troop of Kudroli Ganesh for creative idea and designing Mr. Gopadkar has helped out a lot. About 20 Embossed Sculptures made up of Thermo Foam by Mr. Gopadkar were displayed along the whole Vismaya Jatha.
Rangabhoomi: Gopadkar has achieved a great success in different sections of Rangabhoomi like Street play, House dramas, puppet shows, acting, direction etc. The stage setting according to the taste of the children in children’s drama has developed a creative ideology in Direction. He has directed many dramas like Alilu Ramayana, Neelima and seven Swans, Pinokiyo which are story based dramas and were astonishing and miracles. He has acted in the street plays at Bhopal directed by Ranga Bhishma B. V Karanth , throughout the state in the dramas directed by Chinni and Prasanna. He rended dynamic service in organization like Ankura Arnanthodu, Niratha Nirantha, Abhinaya Sulya, Raga Taranga Mangalore, Collage, Jnana Vijnana Samithi.
Children’s camps : Gopadkar has conducted more than 1,500 camps with a view of study in child psychology. He won the toughest  Swaroopa Teachers also. Along with the teachers the nature of the students also studied deeply and the remedies were suggested for their behavioral problems which is the specialty of Swaroopa Camps. From these camps many students had changed and  they decided for a different type of life style. Like this there is huge demand for Gopadkar’s camps as they influence out of the camps also. Based on Voice and Expression Swaroopa ideologies with proof, slowly developed through these camps only. This is continuous RESEARCH.
Resource Person: Gopadkar is well known national resource person in 31 subjects like art, drama, and child psychology. He has conducted a number of Swaroopa Self Study camps for Teachers, Students, Employees, Doctors, and for the public.
Stage: Gopadkar has given a new dimension  for the stage settings in the public functions. He has created more than 1500 stages in a artistic manner. In these  Sharavana Belagola’s  Mahamastakabhisheka, Vishwa Go Sammelana of Hosanagar, Ramayana Maha Satra, Lakshadeepotsava of Dharmasthala and Folk stage of Karavali Utsava are still memorable ones. Gopadkar has seen every stage as painting. So every stage has come out as unique, beautiful and outstanding.
Dr. Mohan Alva had an ample opportunity to give a separate place in art world for stage setting and he along with Mr. Gopadkar designed the stage for 66th All India Sahitya Sammelana. Presently in Dakshinna Kannada District the stages of Gopadkar are so popular that if the stage is specially designed, it meant for the people that it is designed by Mr. Gopadkar. He has got a creative artist team in the name of “AYAMA”
AWARDS: Sandesha, Kalanidhi, Swaranidhi and creative teacher.
Sumadkar: Served  10 years as Teacher, 5 years as Lecturer in teachers training college. She has worked in D.S. E. R. T in Text Books committee. She is doing a full time research in infant education since 7 years. She is Yakshanagana Artist, Writer, Yoga and music achiever, actor, has vast experience of directing a hundreds of children’s camps. She was the secretary of Karavali writer’s and reader’s sangha, D.K. Kasaragodu and at present Principal of Swaroopa Adhyayana Kendra.
Swaroopa Vatara: In Rural Area of Mangalore at Kunjathabail, Swaroopa Adhyayana Kendra is running children’s group and this is the Swaroopa Vatara. This is the research place of Gopadkar and Sumadkar. As the place is densely populated, children from different states and different culture are available in large number. When Gopadkar came here for the first time, to attract children of these area he started Drawing, Evening Raga, (Sandhya Raga) and art of storytelling. He motivated learning spirit in Children and Parents. Swaroopa Vatara was open stage for  expressing their language abilities. Most of the students who developed here stood first in the class. Along with the students many teachers and artists also have been educated here.  Premanath Marne, Subramanya, Jeevan Ram Sullia, Kudroli Ganesh, Mime Ramdas, Vismaya Vinayak,  Sheena Nadoli were present at Swaroopa Vatara and used this stage for development. At Kunjathabail Swaroopa Vatara has become creative centre for art and culture. The research started in these years gained momentum became deeper and thus Swaroopa method is evolved. Research was conducted on an informal group in the year 2007-2008. By observing the result of this research S.S.L.C Result – Swaroopa Alternate Composite Education system is evolved. Under this project the children are studying in Self-study method.
The old students of Swaroopa Vatara are conducting camps on the basis of  Swaroopa Education system in their own interest and responsibility. The programmes of Swaroopa vatara was aired in Radio, T.V. and  published in news papers and magazines like Udayavani, Prajawani, Kannada Prabha, Taranga, Sudha, Hosa Digantha.  It is also telecasted in E-T.V, UdayaT.V, Namma T.V, and V4  channels.
Swaroopa’s first Experimental school:  In 1995 Swaoopa Adhyayana Kendra selected Sharavoor School, Uppinangady, near Puttur as school of “Makkala Swara Adhyayana Shale”  and conducted a study for 4 years. First year during the camp for the whole year, children came outside the four walls and they involved themselves in games, Text drama, music, and art and involved in joyful learning. Morning teachers used to sing to welcome the children  and to join their voice the children were coming running from 5-6 Kms away. By this study method the villagers became very happy and one night they grouped together in  festive mood and  built ten “Aramane” (Wooden houses) with 2-3 stories Every day evening Shikshana Jatha was visiting houses to play music, drama etc. These were all the proof for community involvement. In this camp in 2 Acres of land, 10 groups acted at a time in 10 houses for a song Tenkana Gaali written by Panje Mangesh Rao. It was amazing scenes in series.   Dr.Shivaram Karanth watched this and appreciated. The Educationist, Makkala Mantapa’s Dr.Sukumara gouda appreciated that I have dreamt of it, which I couldn’t do, Gopadkar has done it. In those 4 years and in the next few years there were no drop- outs at all in the school. The Swaroopa Teachers Mr. Mohammad Swaroopa, Head Master and Teacher Mr. Chandrasekhar Suntodu are mainly responsible for this success.
Research: Swaroopa Infant development and Swaroopa Alternative Composite Education system:
Swaroopa Infant development system: A child has innate ability of observation and curiosity.  When Research was conducted  to retain this permanently and also to improve as skill, it was found that parent’s/guardian’s voice and expression plays a remarkable role. In kids 3 months to 3 years is the formative period. Some activities are important to improve the mind’s tremendous ability and for the use of talent.  It was observed in the children of Kunjathbail that  in the formative period if facilitating environment is provided, the cells of brain will open, get new connections.  Further experiment was conducted at Parpunja of Puttur and then at Jayaprakash Pandit’s house in Mangalore Padil and at Bharathi College , Nantur Hassan, Bangalore, and Shimoga. In this system Mohammed Swaroopa, Jatin Swaroopa, Nischith  Swaroopa, Nachiketha  Sharma are the children who are specially recorded. Hundreds of other students also have been recorded. Famous Whiz kid Mohammed Swaroopa is the First child of Swaroopa Research Centre and he is the son of Mohammed Rafiq who was a Head Master in Sharavoor, is a great gift to Swaroopa.
This experiment has been conducted on AADI daughter of Gopadkar and Sumadkar. It is very clear that Emotional Literacy is the base for intellectual development and joyful learning has given new interpretation for parenting.
Swaroopa Informal Education:  In 2007-2008 Informal Education was given to 7 students  of Swaroopa Vatara studying in different classes (Chandana, Rakshitha, Kavitha, Akshtha, Shiva, Mani, Sagar) Self study, Memory Technique, Vocabulary, Literature study, writing, Criticism and General Knowledge, Yoga, Simple Food (Raw) – these are some new ideas given here. Multi task, Self confidence, Voice and expression are the base. The main theme of special achievement is to be alert for 16 hours in three zones like Word Bank, Knowledge Bank and Health Bank.
In the leadership of Gopadkar, informal education group went on a study tour throughout the state in 9 districts to study the possibilities and problems in learning. A campaign was launched to question the children’s right of learning. Not only the common schools, residential schools, different ability school, guru Kula, informal and child labour schools were visited and surveyed studied the level of self study in students. For this they have interviewed, observed and studied not only the students but also the parents. What is the percentage of self Study? Is there any relationship between the self study and the marks they are getting in the subjects? Why do the students come to school? What does the parents expect from the students? How do the teachers affect the students? In spite of the subjects how many of the teachers are giving something new to the students? When these things are studied interesting and shocking  findings were recorded.  92% of the students and parents are in want of only marks. 95% of the students are of the habit of by hearting. No self study. 98% of the teachers are coming only for teaching and not developing. If a simple basic question is asked to a 90% scorer he is blank. These are all the very tragic facts found in our education system. In students the importance is given only to the intelligence and not to any other domain. Their whole time is reserved for 6 Subjects. The importance given to Emotional Literacy is remarkably low. Talents are very less. Students are also lagging behind in study. By this education many years’ school life, money, resource -like this everything is waste. Human Resource is also has been a waste.
As remedy and alternative for all these, has come into existence the Swaroopa Alternative Composite Education at Swaroopa Adhyayana Kendra, Kodialbail, Mangalore. It is implementing its findings of research in the stagnant field of education and creating an inclination towards result oriented and behavioral Psychology based education. Thus it is fore seen as a light in creating educational history at global level to harness the human resource to the maximum.
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